Homeland Security Consultants (HSC) is a Cyber Security firm that is actively engaged in defending our clients against opposing forces of the ongoing cyber-war. New cyber threats are constantly emerging; reports of high profile intellectual property and financial theft appear in media outlets with increasing frequency.

Clients turn to HSC for clear direction in achieving Cyber Security objectives to attain an effective defense against cyber-attacks. HSC’s Cyber Security services provide the necessary cornerstones to make our client’s security programs effective and efficient. HSC provides tactical and strategic Cyber Security services: Security Assessment, Security Operations, Compliance, and Security Engineering.

HSC’s Tactical Cyber Security Services

HSC Security Assessments are used to protect against the never ending onslaught of cyber-attacks. HSC provides our clients with comprehensive understanding of exploitable threat vectors that directly affect our client’s mission critical systems.

HSC Security Operations efficiently defend our client’s mission critical systems by providing vigilant personnel to operate near-real time security infrastructure to identify when active attacks are in progress and provide effective defensive safeguards to extinguish the threat.

HSC’s Strategic Cyber Security Services

HSC Enterprise Security Management services provide a comprehensive Cyber Security program implementation solution.

In order to implement effective Cyber Security programs, detailed Cyber Security planning is required. HSC leverages compliance activities to develop effective Cyber Security programs and plans, to ensure our clients are positioned to respond to and mitigate Cyber Security risks. HSC provides knowledgeable subject matter experts to perform security compliance audits of our client’s mission critical systems.

HSC Security Engineering services deploy adequate technical safeguards required for compliance standards. HSC architects the necessary Cyber Security solutions that defend your enterprise while also satisfying compliance audit requirements.