Cloud Computing Design Patterns

After months of diligent effort, ‘Cloud Computing Design Patterns’, a Prentice Hall/Pearson publication is available for purchase. Homeland Security Consultants CEO, Robert Cope co-authored the book along with Thomas Erl and Amin Naserpour. Robert Cope wrote the cloud security chapters, which provides the reader with foundational knowledge and advanced concepts of cybersecurity for cloud environments. Sean Cope assisted Robert’s efforts through contributions from experiences conducting security assessments against cloud service providers.

Cybersecurity is an ever increasing focus in today’s IT landscape, and as technology is now cloud centric, the need to adequately secure this environment is paramount. Expertise in this highly specialized arena is limited, and Homeland Security Consultants was sought after to provide information on the subject for the Cloud Computing Design Patterns publication.

Thomas Earl is the creator of “The Prentice Hall Service Technology Series”, which provides unbiased, vendor neutral guidance and instruction in the areas of service technology application and innovation.

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