Application Architecture

Application Architecture

The HSC application architecture team provides talented insight to meet the needs of our clients. We provide in depth requirements analysis to determine the best strategy to create and define an application framework to meet business objectives. Taking a holistic approach to solve today’s problems within the enterprise, we seek to develop new solutions while recognizing potential reuse of existing applications to leverage existing efforts. HSC uses the latest architectural approaches, with a thorough understanding of the advantages and pitfalls of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), to approach interoperability and reuse issues.

We provide our clients with the key to application development success by providing clear requirements based on the needs of the enterprise. HSC takes complex applications and divides them into manageable pieces through understanding the interactions and dependencies among components. We provide our findings and suggestions to our clients with thorough, easy to understand documentation so that decision makers have the tools they need to make informed decisions.

The HSC applications architecture team has performed work for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Defense (DoD), and Treasury. HSC applications architecture team has performed the following key tasks:

Architecture and Interoperability Analysis

HSC personnel served as the Chief Architect for the DoD Joint Information Environment (JIE) Authentication Gateway Services (AGS) system. HSC personnel were responsible for integrating the IdAM portfolio consisting of AGS, Directory, Synchronization, White Pages and DoD Visitor architectures. Led the development of DoDAF artifacts and documentation using the Magic Draw SysML architecture development system. Used IBM DOORS system to manage IdAM requirements for entry into the Magic Draw architecture system. Produced portfolio based DoDAF artifacts and engineering documentation. Produced rolled-up IdAM level DoDAF artifacts through the model integration process.

Led DoD level IdAM work group meeting consisting of representatives from Combat Commands, Services and Agencies (C/S/A)s. Participated in joint reviews, adjudicated comments and updated IdAM artifacts in reqsponse. Read more

Prepared Business Process Models and Unified Modeling Language (UML) Diagrams to model and define application and cross functional services for DoD Command and Control Systems.
Provided enterprise security architectures for DoD.
Authored architecture and interoperability analysis studies for DoD combat support systems.

Application and Computer Programming

Designed, installed and operated a cyber identity and access management simulation lab comprised of numerous security technologies.
Provided custom application programming to tailor the software packages in a manner consistent with DHS business and security requirements.
Provided computer-programming services to develop an automated geographical mapping system to help DHS ICE develop a nationwide deployment strategy of PIV card issuance stations. The respective software parsed DHS data and utilized mapping technologies to help provide DHS decision makers with the information they required to successfully meet their objectives.

Software Development

Developed custom identity management software focused on improving the security posture of the DHS enterprise, which involved key stakeholders from multiple components including ICE, NPPD, TSA and HQ.
Developed utilities to help diagnose and resolve technical challenges related to smart card and public key infrastructure deployment at DHS and Treasury.
Participated in agency wide Integrated Program Teams (IPT) to provide input concerning the design and implementation of HSC developed PIV software for DHS. Authored testing plans to ensure the software met DHS security and business requirements.