Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

Clients seek out HSC Enterprise Architects to provide the knowledge and support to refresh the enterprise with efficient means to conduct business. We work with key stakeholders and leadership teams to develop a strategy that enables both Business and IT. HSC aims to streamline the processes that involve secure information transfer among disparate IT assets based on business requirements.

To meet the needs of today’s enterprise, HSC provides in depth knowledge of Web Services using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to promote the use of shared infrastructure and applications to improve information flows and reduce costs.

Synopsis of Experience

HSC has contributed SOA based Cloud Patterns to SOAPatterns.org for Enterprise Authentication: http://www.soapatterns.org/federated_enterprise_authentication.php and Enterprise Redirection: http://www.soapatterns.org/enterprise_redirection.php. Both patterns address the need for Continuity Of Operations when using the cloud.

HSC presented at the OASIS Identity Conference and the World Bank: Federated User Account and Attribute Provisioning and Management.

HSC also presented at the NIST Identity and Trust on the Internet (IDtrust) Symposium 2011: System Diagram of Federated Identity, Authentication and Authorization using X.509 Certificates and SAML.

HSC has provided Service Oriented Architecture consulting within the DoD’s Information Systems Agency (DISA) and the Department of Homeland Security. Our consulting efforts include:

  • SOA design, development, testing, and operations and maintenance
  • SOA-based enterprise application integration and enterprise information integration
  • SOA trade studies for tools, techniques, standards, and methodologies
  • SOA transition/migration planning and training
  • SOA security solutions
  • SOA standards management

Currently, HSC is participating on the OASIS IDCloud Technical Committee, which is investigating gaps in existing identity management standards. These gaps present identity management challenges in cloud computing. HSC has contributed Identity Management Use Cases to the IDCloud Technical Committee.

SOA Patterns

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