SOA Training

Arcitura Cloud, Big Data, and SOA Education

HSC presents Arcitura training courses internationally to Commercial Companies and Government Agencies. Arcitura Education Inc., provides state-of-the-art, vendor-neutral training and certification programs for Cloud, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Big Data subject areas. Arcitura curricula include vendor-neutral exams, courses, text books, and official supplements and resources regarding cutting edge topics within the IT industry.

HSC has provided training for Enterprise and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Cloud Architecture and SOA Security. HSC has presented to Banking, Financial, Health Care, Telecommunications, Cloud, Automation, Government, Departments of Defense, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Information and other industries both nationally and internationally.

Clients include: Bank of America, Capital One, CIBC Bank, VISA Security Group, Booze Allen Hamilton, General Dynamics, TELUS Telecommunications, Verizon/Terramark, Viacom; US, Australian and Canadian DoDs, Mckesson Pharmaceuticals, Monsanto, Manatoba Lottery, Nieman Marcus, Bloombereg, Wyle Science Technology and Engineering Group among others.

Homeland Security Consultants - GSA Schedule 70 Contract Holder Government customers may purchase SOA training courses provided by Homeland Security Consultants at the GSA Advantage! website.  Click Here